Blue Jean Baby Queen….

I’m excited to finally share this cool bracelet. It’s all made from Swarovski crystal, which is GREAT for that extra bit of bling but notoriously HARD to photograph. So — use your imagination a little. I present it in several different lights, with promises to keep trying. I think photo 2, where it’s in a circle, is probably the best representation of color. Oh heck –just think jeans colors.

The bracelet is all handmade with different shades of blue, but I tried to keep it in the manner of JEANS for a casual look. That way it’s easy to dress up a casual outfit, without looking overdone. It’s the perfect accessory, but I realize you’ll want earrings to match so I will design a couple different kinds.

I wove the bracelet using Right Angle Weave (RAW), a simple but effective 2-needle stitch. It finishes with a silver plate slide-and-click that’s very secure.

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Blue Jean Swarovski Crystal Bracelet    Handmade Crystal Bracelet

Bracelet Crystal Woven Casual    Hand Woven Crystal Bracelet

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